About us

EGB Investments is a joint-stock company, which has been successfully helping entrepreneurs overcome problems with unpaid receivables since 1995. Our brand is appreciated by clients in Poland and abroad: the biggest Polish companies and financial institutions as well as entities from the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. Our key to success is long-standing experience in collection of different types of debts, both consumer and corporate debts.

Headquarters of EGB Investments S.A.

Siedziba EGB Investments i EGB Finanse  Siedziba EGB Investments i EGB Finanse

Siedziba EGB Investments i EGB Finanse  Siedziba EGB Investments i EGB Finanse


We offer our Clients a wide range of services, starting with preventive actions through monitoring of payment and commissioned debt collection (amicable debt collection, court proceedings, enforcement proceedings), the assignment of receivables and securitization transactions. Each commissioned case is exceptional for us and we work on it to serve our Client’s interests. Persistence and consistency are the most critical factors to collect your receivables successfully.


The secret of effective debt collection lies behind complex and state-of-the-art IT back-up as well as unique know-how. Thanks to them we successfully locate and reach your debtors irrespective of the place of their residence or the nature of their activities. Effective and efficient technologies provide our Clients with an opportunity to obtain benefits due to transfer of complete service of mass packages of receivables.


A sound confirmation of the Company’s credibility as a reliable, honest and ethical partner is its membership of many prestigious industry organizations.

Upon making the decision on using services rendered by EGB Investments SA, our Clients are ensured of cooperation based upon clear and transparent principles, partner-like business relations, due diligence performance of undertaken commitments and ethical behaviour in all debt collection procedures. We conduct our activities in compliance with legal regulations applying in Poland, the Code of Professional Ethics specified by the Polish Debt Collection Association in Poland and Fair Debt Collection Practices (KPF). A growing number of the concluded contracts and positive comments from our Clients have proved our Company is a credible partner. It has been reflected in numerous awards and distinctions.


As one of the first debt collection companies in Poland, EGB Investments SA implemented the Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001. The applied procedures within the system allow us to provide debt collection services in accordance with the highest standards determined in the industry. As one of the few debt collection companies, EGB Investments SA implemented the Information Security Management System compliant with ISO 27001, which guarantees full confidentiality of the processed data. It meets all the requirements specified by the Act on Personal Data Protection and regulations concerning organizational conditions which should be applied by all the devices and IT systems utilized in personal data processing.



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