Who Are We Looking For?

In the recruitment process your sex, age or job seniority do not matter to us. What counts is your potential and commitment thanks to which you will be able to perform your tasks with due diligence. We create opportunities for development and the appropriate working conditions for everyone. We manage responsibly, what determines our approach towards our work, work environment and the people who constitute EGB Investments.

Don’t be afraid of working in a debt collection industry.

Debt collection means, first of all, being in touch with people- talks and carrying on a correspondence! Therefore, being communicative is the most important skill- the ability of giving the right arguments supporting your ideas and listening to what another party has to say. Sometimes you need to be a tough negotiator or try to reach a compromise, at times you need to clear some doubts. A good debt collector should combine the characteristics of a firm mediator, inquisitive detective and an attentive listener.

The skill of convincing people is important also in sales and customer service… because the whole trick is not only to gain new clients but also to persuade them into staying with us. It is helpful to know the market well and be able to see the opportunities it gives. A good salesperson is someone who is able to interpret a client’s needs perfectly and offer them what they need and then convince them to use our services in the future.

We appreciate...

enthusiasm, eagerness to accept challenges, creativity, independence, motivation, an original personality, conscientiousness and ambition.

The other crucial factors are:
the skill of coping with stressful situations, courteousness, being a good team player, good IT skills and having a driving license in category B. No matter if you are a woman or a man, if you do your best and know what you want to achieve, you are the perfect candidate to work for EGB Investments SA.







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