I am a debtor- what can I do?

We all love the feeling of blessed peace and being aware that all is just right as it should be. There is no unsolved problem that bothers us and we’ve got all money in our wallet.

However, how often can you afford to feel this metal comfort? Hasn’t your peace of mind been disturbed by the thought of the unpaid liabilities you have? You may be paying a credit or you have bought a TV set in instalments? You may be in arrears with your phone bill and rent or you might have taken a loan to go on a holiday trip with your family? All these are debts and don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade. Putting aside unpleasant thoughts is not the best solution.

Yet, there is no such thing as a no-win situation.

Sometimes it is enough to make one call, text or email EGB Investments SA to change the situation and sleep well. Goodwill, responsibility for your liabilities and willingness to cooperate with your creditor- these are two basic conditions of the effective way of getting out of so called ‘debt spiral’ and avoiding the accumulation of various problems, i.e. increasing the amount of interest owned and different additional costs, publicizing your debt, court proceedings.

It’s worth talking. Don’t delay- contact EGB Investments. Below we present some guidelines which can be helpful for you to solve your debt problems in the least stressful way.

Rule no 1 Discharge your liabilities as quickly as possible
When you do it, the case will be closed immediately and you will regain your peace of mind and clear conscience and your name will be erased from registers of debtors and business information offices. It will save you problems in the future related to the refusal of being granted a credit or a loan, refusal of selling a mobile phone by a mobile network operator or problems connected with the purchase of a flat.

Rule no 2 Keep in touch with EGB Investments SA
Read your correspondence from EGB Investments SA attentively, answer the telephone calls from our negotiators and listen to them carefully. Then, you will know at what stage the case concerning your debt is and what the consequences of the further delay in payment may be.
Your attitude has a great influence on talks- together we can work on such a plan of payment in which your financial, family and professional situation will be taken into consideration.

Rule no 3 Be prepared for the talk
Read correspondence, check if it contains any information concerning your debt. Prepare documents related to the case. If you are not able to pay all the amount of your debt straight away, consider realistic dates you may suggest during the conversation with EGB Investments SA. Your willingness to cooperate is an important factor conducive to concluding an agreement which will be favourable to you.

Rule no 4 Take responsibility for your liabilities

Contact EGB Investments SA. Remember, while talking to a person who is in charge of your case, you have the right to ask any question concerning your debt and receive succinct answers to all your questions.
Show the initiative - present your situation, explain the reasons for delays in payment and define when you can settle the overdue payment. In case of any circumstances in which you are not be able to keep to specified deadlines, you should immediately notify of it the person in charge of your case. It will prove that your approach to the matter is serious and responsible.

Rule no 5 Remain calm
Emotions are usually a bad adviser and making a decision on the spur of the moment does not usually finish well. Therefore, take a deep breath and try to use your judgment. Staying calm during the conversation with the representative of EGB Investments will allow to settle the case amicably. A matter-of- fact conversation concerning your situation, based on facts is the right way to work on the settlement and determine a payment plan you are able to realize.

Let’s talk. It is the best way to settle the case concerning your debt in an amicable way.


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