Business description

The EGB Investments Group consists of EGB Investments S.A. (the parent company) and two subsidiaries, namely EGB Nieruchmości Sp. z o.o., focused on the support of individual market segments. The expertise of the entities within the Group allows to provide comprehensive services in the field of debt management, both at the stage of amicable debt collection as well as judicial and enforced collection.

The company dedicated to the management of mass consumer and corporate debt is EGB Investments S.A, which has operated since 1995 and whose clients include the largest providers of debt portfolios in the market such as banks, insurance companies, pay-TV operators and corporations from the IT services sector. Since September 2010, it is listed on the NewConnect market operated by the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. A significant competitive advantage of EGB Investments S.A. is its experience in the servicing of securitised receivables acquired since 2006. Since 2010, the company has held a general authorisation to manage the assets of any securitisation fund granted by the Financial Supervision Authority. It serves, among other things, Mega Debt NSFIZ, whose activity is focused on the acquisition and recovery of debt portfolios, e.g. from the banking sector.

EGB Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o. – the other subsidiary company of the Group – deals mainly with mortgage-backed debt service, including securitisation. At the same time it acquires fixed properties subject to enforced collection and debt collection activities, is engaged in the marketing of these properties, their development and commercialisation.

New markets and consistent strong brand building throughout the Group and each of the companies individually have helped gain the trust of the business partners. It manifests itself, among other things, in a constant increase in the value of debt portfolios served, both in transfer transactions and debt collection by order. The EGB Investments Group timely fulfils its obligations, both to banks and bondholders. These facts have a positive effect on the credibility of the companies. This allows them to obtain financing through bank loans and effectively plan further issue of bonds.

In carrying out the debt collection process through courts and enforcement, the EGB Investments Group is supported by a law firm that handles only cases commissioned by EGB Investments S.A. and its clients.

Quality and safety

The highest standard of services provided by the Group has been repeatedly confirmed by prestigious certifications and awards. It is guaranteed by the Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2008 implemented at EGB Investments S.A. Complete confidentiality of data is ensured by the Information Security Management System compliant with ISO 27001:2005. These certificates have enabled the Group to work with the largest financial institutions in Poland that treat the requirement for safe information handling as an important criterion for the selection of business partners.

Stable growth

Since its inception, the revenue of EGB Investments S.A. is growing. Expansion of operations, among other things, through the creation of specialised subsidiaries, has allowed to more than double the revenues in the last three years. The credibility of the Group is strengthened by the stability of the Management Board, unchanging since 1995, which translates into predictability of decision-making and continuation of successful strategies.

Effectively and ethically

The EGB Investments Group is committed to transparency and compliance with the highest ethical standards. It complies with the Principles of Good Practice of the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland and the Ethical Standards of the Debt Collection Industry as determined by the Polish Association of Debt Collectors as well as the Employee Code of Ethics of EGB Investments S.A. In view of the changing legislative environment, the Group applies the Compliance Policy. Through ongoing monitoring of the national legislative system, customs and industry standards, it is able to respond rapidly to changes in the legal status while maintaining full flexibility of debt collection tools.

The company's operations are complemented by regular educational projects. The Group publishes industry reports, analysing the state of debt collection in Poland, indicating opportunities and market trends. It also promotes sound management of household finances.

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