For Banks

Co-operating with the largest entities of the banking sector for many years, we have acquired knowledge and experience allowing the packet of products that enable effective administration of doubtful credit portfolios and other irregular banking receivables to be created.

The particular field of interest in our activity is provision of debt collection services on commission. At the same time we specialise in conclusion of transactions covering purchase of packets of receivables in relation to a large number of debtors.To meet this purpose, we cooperate (in the role of servicer) with five securitization funds: EGB NSFIZ, AGIO EGB NSFIZ, Opus NSFIZ, Plejada Wierzytelności 1 FIZ NFS and ALTUS NFSIZ Wierzytelności 2


  • the position of a leader in the sector service of corporate banking receivables in Poland
  • the high position in the sector service of retail banking receivables in Poland
  • a trusted partner of world financial institutions investing in the securitisation market in Poland
  • a team of qualified specialists perfectly oriented in the procedures and banking law regulations
  • experience in conclusion of complicated financial transactions and complex handling of irregular banking receivables
  • the highest standards of information security and effective systems of personal data protection
  • the modern IT system providing a possibility of management of the receivables in relation to several thousand debtors daily


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