For Financial Institutions and Corporations

We have a series of solutions on our offer, which are directly targeted at business entities that generate mass receivables periodically:

  • corporations – including operators of stationary and mobile networks, cable and digital TV, housing cooperatives, power plants, gas works, commercial chains and other enterprises from the mass service sector
  • financial institutions – credit agents, insurance companies, savings and credit unions, leasing companies.

The ”tailor-made” services, adapted to the requirements and needs of the Clients generating mass receivables, allow the costs related to recovery of the receivables to be minimised. They also guarantee the highest security standards of the processed data and high effectiveness of debt collection procedures implemented with the particular consideration of principles of business ethics.


  • a team of qualified specialists perfectly oriented in procedures and regulations of the financial sector and handling corporate receivables
  • experience in conclusion of complicated financial transactions and complex service of mass packets of receivables
  • the highest information security standards and effective data protection systems
  • the modern and extended IT system making it possible to conduct debt collection activities in relation to several thousand debtors daily
  • extended field debt collection structures which make it possible to reach the debtor all over the country.

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