Purchase of Portfolios of Receivables

Within the framework of this form of cooperation EGB Investments acquires receivables from the Client, in relation to a great number of debtors. As a consequence of the concluded transaction, EGB becomes the owner of the portfolio, for which it pays a price agreed in the agreement. From that moment, it takes the whole responsibility for the risk related to handling the receivables and takes debt collection actions on its own behalf.

Each transaction is preceded by a detailed analysis of the portfolio structure, taking into account the type of a debtor, the receivables, the collaterals, the overdue period, the stage of proceedings etc. The price is established on its basis. After the presented offer is accepted by the Client, the relevant process of buying out the receivables is started. Its schedule and method is established by way of individual negotiations.


  • the improvement of the financial liquidity by recovery of resources ”frozen” in receivables from business partners
  • a decrease of own costs related to maintenance of specialised units dealing with recovery of receivables
  • the closure of accounts of respective debtors and the possibility of decreasing the taxation base
  • the transfer of risk of lack of payment to the buyer.





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