Recovery of Mass Packages of Receivables

This service covers a complex set of actions aimed at fast and maximally effective recovery of unsettled debts including: sending letters, applications and faxes, making phone calls, making arrangements with creditors and contracting liabilities for payment, conducting community interviews and paying direct visits to the debtor. The scope of the debt recovery activities which need to be taken up is agreed by way of individual negotiations with the bank and is adapted to the nature of receivables which it has. EGB Investments S.A. ensures debt collection at all the DPD stages, following from all the available banking products. All the actions are taken on behalf of the bank in return for the previously agreed payment.

Within the framework of its services, EGB Investments SA may deliver the information on the dishonest clients, who do not settle their liabilities on time to InfoMonitor Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej S.A. This way, the clients receive an additional set of tools motivating the debtor to pay their liabilities.


  • the improvement of financial flows and results of the bank by, among other things, an increase in the effectiveness of debt recovery and a possibility of replacement of the fixed costs with variable costs, conditioned by the effectiveness of debt collection activities
  • the influence on the decisions regarding the character and scope of actions taken, that is, whether they are limited only to amicable negotiations or whether they recourse to judicial proceedings
  • one agreement whose scope covers the whole portfolio of receivables
  • the access to detailed information on progress in the debt collection process, presented in the on-line report application and in individual reports dedicated to handling receivables
  • the insight into the statistics and analyses concerning the portfolio handling, both at the level of the whole agreement and at the level of respective debtors.


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