Reporting Receivables to Infomonitor BIG SA

Within the framework of its services, EGB Investments SA delivers the information on the dishonest clients, who do not settle their liabilities on time to InfoMonitor Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej S.A. This way, the clients receive an additional set of tools motivating the debtor to pay their liabilities.

This means that apart from the standard calls for payment, the debtor receives information about the possibility to include them in the Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej InfoMonitor SA. via a registered letter. The period which must expire from the moment of notification of the debtor to their entry into the BIG’s data base is 30 days. If the debtor does not settle their liabilities or does not start negotiations, the Client is entitled to put such a debtor in the data base of the Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej InfoMonitor SA.


  • the effective method of disciplining the dishonest business partner to make them pay their liabilities
  • the possibility to minimise the transaction risk owing to verification of the potential business partners with respect to their credit history
  • the increase in the certainty of payment on time, which allows own offer to be optimised
  • the growth of prestige and strengthening of the image of an efficiently managed company



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